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Mentoring Benefits – 5 Ways of Wellbeing

How does mentoring help organisations reach the 5 Ways of Wellbeing ? Evidence suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish. The centre for well-being at nef (the new economics foundation) developed ‘five ways to wellbeing’: a set of evidence-based actions to improve personal wellbeing. We’d like to share with you the benefits of mentoring and how they match these 5 ways and how you can use mentoring to help your colleagues and employees flourish. Connect – mentors connect with young people in their local community. Building...
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Why WEM has been shortlisted for a National Award ?

  We are delighted that WEM has been shortlisted for ‘Mentoring Programme of the Year’ at the National Mentoring Awards, the award ceremony is in London on Friday 1st March. This is part of our application as to why we think WEM should be recognised. “There is compelling evidence that a young person who has four or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training. WEM enables students to have six encounters with employers. To date 25% of the regions schools are participating in the programme and we aim to...
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Evidence proves difference WEM makes

There is compelling evidence that a young person who has four or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to become unemployed or not in education or training post 16 years.  Currently less than half of schools nationally are providing these opportunities to young people and in parts of the West of England region this figure is significantly lower. The WEM Mentoring Programme has the additional benefit of addressing this issue by ‘bringing together employers and schools to give young people multiple opportunities to get to know the world of work, understand what work is, explore their options...
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What makes a great mentoring match ?

Jamie Forrest, Careers Lead at Beechen Cliff School told us “all students went in and started the process disengaged and with low self-esteem. The students were the type of students that would get into trouble too much and were under achieving.  When they started the programme on the first session, it took a little while to settle in, however they really liked the light-hearted approach, the fun activities and the inspiring speaker. It was really positive and great for them to go to Novia Financial’s office and then to the meeting room at Apex Hotel, it was a treat for...
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Rugby star kicks off Novia mentoring

Stuart Hooper, former Captain of Bath Rugby, took part in the first of six group mentoring session for young people to launch West of England Mentoring (WEM) at the offices of wealth management company Novia Financial in Bath in January 2018. Novia Financial are providing business mentoring to local secondary school Beechen Cliff this term. 9 members of staff, including CEO Bill Vasilieff, who represent different parts of the business are giving up their time to group mentor 15 students from Beechen Cliff. Over 6 sessions with Novia Financial, students will explore careers, employability and routes into work, and then...
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Great results from our Bristol schools

  Fifteen Year 8 students from Oasis Brislington have completed 6 sessions with their mentors from Ovo Energy. This is what the students told us in their evaluation survey when their sessions came to end :- 100% students felt more confident about themselves and their abilities 100% of students felt they had improved at taking part in discussions 100% of students felt they had learned about careers and what skills they needed for work 92% of students reported that they now had a plan for post GCSE’s One student said :- “We get to talk on a professional level and...
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Why do mentors mentor?

We asked one of our brilliant mentors at Bristol law firm Irwin Mitchell to give us the lowdown. Here’s how the conversation went! Why did you offer to mentor in the first place ?  It’s very important to encourage and lead those who are more junior and younger than ourselves. I have personally benefitted from mentoring and I think it is an effective way to raise aspirations and help young people achieve their potential. What’s the best bit about being a mentor  ?  The best bit about being a mentor is seeing young people overcome challenges and barriers and begin...
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Energy innovator sees benefits of mentoring for staff

At this exciting time we are working with new business partners who will help us deliver group mentoring across the region. Ever wondered why businesses and other organisations come on board with volunteer business mentors? We asked Gaby Sethi, Head of OVO Foundation and CSR what it means to be involved with West of England Mentoring. OVO Foundation is part of OVO Energy and manages the organisation’s support of energy access, youth poverty and education causes. “OVO is delighted to be involved in the WEM programme for the first time this year,” explains Gaby. “At OVO, we’re committed to supporting ongoing learning opportunities,...
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Our mentees say it best

Special thanks to Bristol creatives BoomSatsuma for supporting West of England Mentoring – magicking up a brilliant short video of recent participants which gives an amazing flavour of the impact of mentoring. It’s especially inspiring that the programme hasn’t just benefited the school students, though they are more than articulate about how it has. Mentors too perceive how the experience has influenced them, building skills and confidence every bit as relevant for adults as young people! As ever we’re delighted to work with like-minded organisations, and we’re hugely grateful for the skills and time of the BoomSatsuma team.

West of England Mentoring

This project is getting underway during 2017 and we’re already talking to secondary schools and businesses in the West of England region: Bristol, North Somerset, South Glos and Bath & NE Somerset. Business mentoring projects will kick off in earnest in September 2017. What is it? West of England Mentoring (WEM) is a partnership of mentoring organisations set up to deliver business mentoring in schools across the West of England (Bristol, B&NES, South Glos and N Somerset). Who are the partners? They are Mentoring Plus (lead partner), Ablaze (delivery partner), Babbasa (support partner) and business network Bath Bridge (support partner)....
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